24 December 2015

Calling all Diabetic Retinal Graders…we need you!

24 December 2015,

Diabetic Retinal Grader Band/Salary Range: £21,000 per annum Job Role With a minimum of 2 years grading experience the successful candidate should have completed […]

30 October 2015

It Begins…

30 October 2015,

Our new North West London Diabetic Eye Screening Programme is ready to go live on Monday 2nd November. Health Intelligence was one of five […]

10 September 2015

Diabetic Retinal Screeners Required in North West London

10 September 2015,

We are offering an opportunity to join a highly motivated team of Retinal Screener/Graders to cover the diabetic community across the North West London […]

17 August 2015

Health Intelligence Ltd wins bid to deliver high quality diabetic eye screening for North West London

17 August 2015,

North West Londoners with diabetes are set to experience new, high quality eye screening services delivered by Health Intelligence from 1st November 2015, announced […]

1 May 2015

Spectra Retineye First Report Back from Uganda

1 May 2015,

Terry Cooper and the Vision 2020 team have sent back their report from the first leg of their Uganda mission to screen patients for […]