22 June 2015
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22 June 2015,

home-laptopHealth Intelligence is now a supplier on the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) Lot 3 framework, which is managed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). So no need to run your own tender, just search the GPSoC Lot 3 catalogue for appropriate services and buy! You will find a range of our analytics solutions for use across care settings, which allow GP Practices to share information with other healthcare providers. Ultimately aiming to improve the service patients receive.
Our solutions available within this framework:

  • Clinical Rules Trigger Service – Supports all healthcare providers to understand the gaps in care; opportunities to intervene; support the logical prioritisation of scarce NHS resources and supports population level proactive management of patients.
  • Integrated Care Record Service – Allows all healthcare providers to access the same information, greatly improving the service to the patient.
  • Child Health Vaccination and Immunisation Systems Interoperability – Increases vaccination coverage, whilst vastly reducing costly manual transfer processes to Child Health Information Services.
  • Diabetic Eye Screening Register System Interoperability – This delivers accurate registers to ensure all eligible patients are identified for eye screening, reducing the potential for serious incidents or loss of sight.
  • Medicines Optimisation & Medicines Review Support Services – Identifies cost savings and improves patient adherence to prescribed medicines by supporting medicines reviews for patients identified as being at high risk.

Find us in the Lot 3 catalogue, available on the GPSoC website.


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