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Since 2004 Health Intelligence has actively supported Diabetic Eye Screening Programmes (DESP) across the NHS in England. In April 2011, we commenced the provision of a fully managed service for East Anglia, serving a large rural community. In 2015, we started providing the service in North West London; in 2016 we launched the new Essex Diabetic Eye Screening Programme; in 2017 we formed the new Hampshire & Isle of Wight Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and took over the Dorset service; in 2018 we took over delivering diabetic eye screening services in Berkshire; then in 2019 we formed the Devon Diabetic Eye Screening Programme, Greater Manchester North Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and Greater Manchester South Diabetic Eye Screening Programme.

We are please to announce that from 11th October 2019, we will be the new provider of the Kent and Medway Diabetic Eye Screening Programme; serving approx. 110,000 people with diabetes.

Managed Service

  • Our fully managed service covers all aspects of a quality DESP and is in full compliance with the national standards and best practice
  • Diabetic Eye Screening (DESP) managed service and improving diabetes registersBrowser-based diabetes register analytics to improve the accuracy of the registers
  • Cost-effective booking services including call and recall of patients for screening
  • Retinal screening / grading by trained and accredited professional staff
  • Innovative screening and surveillance software, Spectra
  • Grading of image sets at all levels
  • Automated referral for surveillance and Hospital Eye Service (HES) care
  • Provision of failsafe services
  • Patient centred website with a section for Healthcare Professionals
  • Provision of clinical leadership and internal quality assurance

Take a look at our our programme websites:

  1. East Anglia DESP at
  2. Essex DESP at
  3. North West London DESP at
  4. Hampshire & Isle of Wight DESP at
  5. Dorset DESP at
  6. Berkshire DESP at
  7. Devon DESP at
  8. Greater Manchester North DESP at
  9. Greater Manchester South DESP at

Improving Diabetic Register Accuracy

We also offer a service to ensure your register of people with Diabetes is accurate, which can assist you in achieving and even surpassing national targets with your current programme. This is achieved through a monthly export from GP Practice clinical systems using exports. It is vital that your register is accurate as it ensures all appropriate people are diagnosed and referred to the DESP in a timely manner.

The Register service is available on GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) Lot 3 framework to help make buying from us quicker and easier.


For more detailed information

Download our DESP Brochure